Tikunei haZohar also known as the Tikunim (תקונים), is a main text of Kabbalah – 1 ספר תיקוני זוה הוצאת המאיר לישראל


Tikunei haZohar (תקוני הזהר, lit. “Rectifications of the Zohar”), also known as the Tikunim (תקונים), is a main text of Kabbalah. It is a separate appendix to the Zohar consisting of seventy commentaries on the opening word of the Torah, Bereishit (בראשית), in a style of Kabbalistic Midrash. Containing deep secret teachings of Torah, stirring dialogues and fervent prayers, the explicit and apparent theme and intention of Tikunei haZohar is to repair and support the Shekhinah or Malkhut — hence its name, “Repairs of the Zohar” — and to bring on the Redemption and conclude the Exile.

Tikunei haZohar was printed first in Mantua in Hebrew year 5318 (1558 CE). Later editions include the ones printed in Constantinople in 5479 and 5500 (1719 and 1740 CE). After the latter Constantinople edition, pages referred to in Tikunei haZohar are usually according to that edition.[1]