Isaiah 65 & 66 declare Christianity to be a false religion!

Isaiah 65 & 66 declare Christianity to be a false religion!

1- Isaiah 65 and 66, the future of Israel, and the cursed ones who eat pork:

Isaiah 65:

Now, in regards to Isaiah 65, this chapter speaks about future Prophecies and Promises that GOD Almighty is making for the future of the people of Israel. So, this is not a book that is just giving mere commands. It is rather speaking about the future and the End of Times. Interestingly, we read the following from this chapter:

“3They keep making me angry by sneering at me while offering sacrifices to idols in gardens and burning incense to them on bricks. 4They spend their nights hiding in burial caves; they eat the meat of pigs, cooked in sauces made of stuff unfit to eat. 5And then they say to others, “Don’t come near us! We’re dedicated to God.” Such people are like smoke, irritating my nose all day.” (Isaiah 65:3-5)

Here we see that the pork eaters are so detested by GOD Almighty that He likened them to smoke irritating His Nose all day. This is a very powerful statement regarding eating pork and how detestable it is to GOD Almighty in the Bible. We further read in this chapter:

“12Your luck will end! I will see to it that you are slaughtered with swords. You refused to answer when I called out; you paid no attention to my instructions. Instead, you did what I hated, knowing it was wrong.” (Isaiah 65:12)

Again, here we see GOD Almighty supposedly affirming that eating pig’s meat is something he hates. We further read in this chapter:

“15I, the LORD God, promise to see that you are killed and that my chosen servants use your names as curse words. But I will give new names to my servants. 16I am God! I can be trusted. Your past troubles are gone; I no longer think of them. When you pray for someone to receive a blessing, or when you make a promise, you must do it in my name. I alone am the God who can be trusted.” ( Isaiah 65:15-16)

Christians pray to Jesus and seek Jesus, a mere creation of GOD Almighty, for blessings, forgiveness, guidance and mercy. Yet, Isaiah 65:16 strictly prohibits this.

Isaiah 66 (the last chapter in the book of Isaiah):

We further read in Isaiah 66:

“17Some of you get yourselves ready and go to a garden to worship a foreign goddess. You eat the meat of pigs, lizards, and mice. But I, the LORD, will destroy you for this. 18I know everything you do and think! The time has now come to bring together the people of every language and nation and to show them my glory 19by proving what I can do. I will send the survivors to Tarshish, Pul, Lud, Meshech, Tubal, Javan, and to the distant islands. I will send them to announce my wonderful glory to nations that have never heard about me. 20They will bring your relatives from the nations as an offering to me, the LORD. They will come on horses, chariots, wagons, mules, and camels to Jerusalem, my holy mountain. It will be like the people of Israel bringing the right offering to my temple. 21I promise that some of them will be priests and others will be helpers in my temple. I, the LORD, have spoken. 22I also promise that you will always have descendants and will never be forgotten, just as the new heavens and the new earth that I create will last forever. 23On the first day of each month and on each Sabbath, everyone will worship me. I, the LORD, have spoken.” (Isaiah 66:17-23)

Again, more emphasis on the prohibition of eating the pig’s meat and how detestable it is to GOD Almighty. We also see more emphasis on how the Sabbath (Saturday) is to be the day of worship and not a day of work. Christianity abrogated the holiness of the Sabbath, and almost every Christian on the face of this earth and throughout history doesn’t and didn’t observe the Sabbath. The Christians’ holiday is Sunday and not Saturday. It is on Sunday, not Saturday, that most Christians cease to work. Saturday is just another day to Christians. It has no weight and no value. Nothing is holy about it to them. In fact, if anything, it is for weekend and fun. Nothing religious about it to the Christians. Yet, we see Isaiah 66 speaking about the End of Times and about the importance of the Sabbath and its holiness.

Clearly, if Christianity is true, and it is the religion that abrogated Judaism, then this Promise in Isaiah 66:23 is a fabricated lie on the mouth of GOD Almighty! Remember that Christians do not observe the Sabbath, nor is it holy to them.

2- So what is it? Is pig’s meat allowed today or not?

Again, Isaiah 65 and 66 are speaking about the future and the End of Times. They are not just mere commands, such as the ones in the Books of Moses, that Christians can say got abrogated with the coming of Jesus Christ. They are prophecies and promises about the future and the future of the people of Israel and the End of Times. So clearly, it is not a satisfactory answer to just say that they got abrogated.

3- Wrong interpretation of Christianity? Or a complete failure of receiving the Holy Spirit?


1- Almost the entire religion of Christianity is built on the alleged inspirations of the Holy Spirit.

2- The New Testament (Christianity’s main scriptures) promises over and over and over that the Holy Spirit will inspire its followers, lead them, and protect them from:

False guidance.
Bewitchment of demons.
Not only that, but Christians are so fond on declaring that it is the Holy Spirit that is inspiring them and even speaking through their mouths when they preach Christianity. Therefore, if the overwhelming majority of all Christians (almost the entirety of all Christians worldwide and throughout history) utterly and completely failed to receive the Guidance of the Holy Spirit to prevent them from eating pork and violating the Sabbath, while GOD Almighty supposedly in Isaiah 65 and 66 repeatedly cursed those who eat pork till the last day of this life, then either Isaiah 65 and 66 are lies, or Christianity is a lie. And Christianity would be a lie in either case because it is standing on the Old Testament. Therefore, if Isaiah is a lie, then Christianity is also a lie.

4- The Holy Spirit, the conflict of inspiration between Paul and the other Disciples:

1- Paul conflicted with many of the Disciples, despite the fact that all of them declared to have been inspired by the Holy Spirit!

2- Paul was declared an infidel by many of the early Christians, including even some of the disciples!

3- Paul contradicted Jesus’ teachings on several occasions.

4- Paul demanded funds from his followers in almost all of his letters. He also called himself the authority, and he has put to death some of those who opposed him.

5- The Holy Spirit had certainly failed to inspire the writers of the New Testament (and the Bible for this matter) because these declarations about the Holy Spirit inspiring them are nothing but lies.

5- The Bible’s overwhelming corruption, even according to it’s  theologians!

Please visit: Just who were the Bible’s original authors? See how the Bible’s own theologians and translators admit that:

The Bible’s books and gospels, according to its own translators and theologians, were

Written by mysterious men.
Written by an unknown number of men.
Written in unknown places.
Written in unknown dates.

Paul never even met Jesus Christ in person while the latter was on earth. It is falsely claimed that Jesus appeared to Paul while Paul was on his way to Damascus after the “crucifixion” (Acts 9:2-4. Note: Paul’s name used to be Saul. Yet, Paul admittedly wasn’t even sure whether the Holy Spirit was inspiring him or not).

None of the disciples, even in the false writings attributed to them, ever claimed that their writings were inspired or Divine. Not only that but we even ironically see that:

Luke, for instance, wrote his “gospel” for the sake of another person and not GOD Almighty. See below for details.
The disciples even fought with each other [1] [2].
We read about direct invitations to dinner and other occasions between the disciples in the “books” [1].
According to the commentaries below, all of the books of the bible were altered and corrupted.

The Bible’s own theologians even admit that the bible contains “fictions”, its original manuscripts “had been lost”, and contains “fairy tails and fables”.

And, it is also an indisputable fact that the Bible:

Is filled with ample contradictions, man’s alterations, corruption, and false scientific absurdities.

Is written in third-party narrations, which is why we find in all of the gospels’ titles “This gospel according to….”, and countless verses that speak about the disciples and about their activities in third-party narrations [1] [2] [3] [4], which proves that the books and gospels were certainly not written by them.

This also means that much gossips and exaggerations and fabrications were made up and inserted into the books and gospels. So even if for instance, some people back then thought that Jesus was crucified, they in reality never actually saw it. It could very well be that they’ve only heard about it from a neighboring town and believed it. There are certainly in the books and gospels:

Too much gossip.

Too wide of date gaps by the decades [1] [2] [3] [4] between when the supposed event took place and when it was actually written, by hand, in the corrupt gospels.

Too many unknown people wrote the stories.

Too many Prophecies in the Old Testament that promise that Jesus Christ, the Messiah, will be saved from the crucifixion.

Too many mistranslations and desperate misinterpretations in Isaiah 53 and elsewhere.

This also means that the books and gospels were definitely not inspired by GOD Almighty. Paul, again, even admits that he had his delusions and doubts.
6- Conclusion:

It is clear that Christianity is in a clashing contradiction with Isaiah 65 and 66. The pork eaters are cursed till the Day of Judgment in these two chapters while Christianity allows for eating of pork. Where is the Holy Spirit in all of this?! The New Testament is also filled with clashing contradictions that resulted in having Paul getting declared to be a false apostle and a liar by many of the early Christians, including even some of the disciples. Again, where was the Holy Spirit in all of this?!


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