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Ten Ways to Answer Jews for Jesus Propaganda

By fortorah / January 9, 2018

How to stop Jews for Jesus Christian Missionaries that are “committing holocaust” by assimilating Jews, pray for their organizations to be closed down with G-ds help they will be shut down. Like this Jew’s heroic act at the Western Wall burning fake missionary bible. Do not listen to fake messianic Jews that are “committing holocaust” […]


Who is Jesus to the Jews?

By fortorah / January 4, 2018

By  nojesus4jews.weebly.com For the past two thousand years, Christians have been trying to convert Jews. Hundreds of millions of dollars are spent on this effort — “Jews for Jesus,” and “Chosen Peoples Ministry” are just two dedicated to this goal.   Those organizations will tell less educated Jews (and non-Jews) that you can be Jewish […]