Kabbalistic secrets of Pesach (Passover) 1-9 Rabbi Ephraim Goldstein

Kabbalistic secrets of Pesach (Passover) 1-9 Rabbi Ephraim Goldstein. Exodus Pesach According to Kabbalah of Arizal Shaar HaKavanot (Gate of Meditations) If you want to find out the secrets behind Pesach (Passover), Passover Seder, Haggadah, matzah, Afikomen, four cups of wine you should listen to this lecture. You will find out why we eat matzah, drink four cups of wine, read Haggadah etc. Kabbalistic secrets of Pesach 1 is an introduction and deals with why Jews were slaves in Egypt, what Pharoh actually wanted from Jews. Why we could only leave Egypt with the hand of G-d. What and why there were the 10 plagues sent by G-d.

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