NYC is blatantly violating religious vaccine exemptions

NYC is blatantly violating religious vaccine exemptions
An Open Letter to Rabbi Chaim Dovid Zweibel, on religious vaccine exemptions.
Executive Vice President of Agudath Israel of America

Celebrating the Miraculous Victory of the Maccabees against Overwhelming Odds

I was deeply impressed by your speech at the recent Aguda Convention, in which you warned the Jewish Community that there are “Fires Burning” all around us—the fires of Jew-Hatred—and we must be vigilant and pro-active in defending ourselves.

And, that’s why I am so terribly disappointed and dismayed at the total silence of Agudath Israel in the face of the massive assault by New York City on our most treasured Jewish institutions, our Yeshivas and
Bais Yaakov Schools.

You will recall that, a few years ago, the NYC Department of Health (DOH) viciously attacked Traditional Bris Milah and our Holy Rabbinical Mohalim, accusing them of murdering our children. Thank G-D, Agudath Israel led a vigorous legal effort to counter this vicious Blood Libel, and we emerged victoriously.

Today, however, Agudath Israel is strangely silent while NYC prepares to levy massive fines—$50,000—against each and every Yeshiva and Bais Yaakov School which does not expel its completely healthy students who didn’t follow the orders of the DOH and vaccinate as ordered.

Hundreds of perfectly healthy boys and girls have already been thrown out of school in this reign of terror on intimidated Menahalim.

Unfortunately, Agudath Israel has willingly participated in this reign of terror by encouraging the Yeshivas and the Bais Yaakov to comply with the directives of the DOH and throw out these innocent children.

As one of the last remaining Holocaust survivors still alive, I cannot help thinking back to the well-meaning Judenrats who facilitated the extermination of the six million in Europe by registering the Jews and assuring them that all would be well if they cooperated with their Nazi overlords. Only Rabbi Michoel Ber Weissmandel was wise enough to see through the Nazi deception and to warn the Jews that escape and resistance was the only viable option.

The lesson is that Jewish organizations who deal with government must always be on-guard against being co-opted and turned into government agents.

NYC is blatantly violating the religious rights of hundreds of Jewish parents who have dutifully filed a religious exemption statement (religious vaccine exemptions), as they have every right to do, according to the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States. By falsely declaring a “National Measles Health Emergency,” which allows NYC to cancel and override all civil rights, NYC has made a mockery of the Constitution.

Measles is not a legitimate “Health Emergency.” It has traditionally been considered an innocuous, routine childhood disease in the United States, not a life-threatening emergency, like the “Black Plague,” or smallpox, or Ebola, which killed tens-of-thousands in Third-World countries, fully justifying extreme quarantine measures to protect the public from contagion.

Before the advent of the measles vaccine in 1963, doctors did not make a big deal over measles. They simply treated measles with vitamin A, in the form of Cod Liver Oil, and the children survived and thrived with a greatly improved natural immune system that gave them protection for a lifetime, unlike the measles vaccination in current use.

In fact, doctors even encouraged parents to expose their children to measles, in order for their children to obtain the benefits of lifetime immunity and a greatly improved immune system.

Now, NYC is, once again, using the tried-and-true method of the Blood Libel, this time against Jewish Children who are perfectly healthy, who have dared to commit the unforgivable sin of defying the arrogant bureaucrats at the NYC DOH. NYC is determined to teach these Jewish “Refusniks” a lesson by trampling on their civil rights.

If you have been paying attention, you have probably noted that NYC proudly labels itself a “Sanctuary City” for illegal immigrants, and in pursuit of this ideal, NYC proudly ignores all the virulent diseases that these illegals are bringing into the City, diseases like AWG, a form of polio, for which the vaunted DOH claims total ignorance, that it is of “unknown” origin, or tuberculosis, which is experiencing a comeback in this country.

A Harvard study has demonstrated that illegals studiously avoid doctors, for fear of being discovered and deported, preferring to anonymously use hospital emergency rooms when they have a medical issue. NYC has not instituted a comparable terror campaign among the one million students of the public schools to expel illegal alien children who don’t meet community health standards.

Vaccines have been proven by the “Vaccine Court” of the U.S. to cause Autism, paralysis, and brain damage. Vaccines have also been implicated in the exponential rise of autoimmune diseases, like ADHD, allergies, Crohn’s Disease, Diabetes etc.

The U.S. “Vaccine Court has already awarded four billion dollars to
vaccine-damaged children, even though Dr. David Aaron Kessler, former Commissioner of the FDA, has publicly stated only one in 100 vaccine damages are reported to the CDC by doctors.

Since there is no compulsory surveillance by the CDC on vaccine damages, as there is in measles, and in herpes after a Bris Milah, no doctor in his right mind reports vaccine damage. Doctors routinely deny any connections to the vaccines they give, even if the damage occurs just a few hours after vaccination.

Parents who don’t vaccinate are not stupid, ignorant, mindless “Anti-Vaxxers,” as the DOH propagandists and their overseers at the CDC would have you believe. They are very intelligent people who have made a carefully-considered, educated decision that vaccines are more dangerous than the standard “childhood diseases,” –- measles, mumps, and chicken pox (varicella).

According to a survey by the Associated Press, parents who refuse vaccinations are overwhelmingly well-educated people who have discovered that the U.S Congress and the Supreme Court have openly admitted that vaccines are “Unavoidably Unsafe,” and that, therefore, drug companies cannot be held liable for vaccine-related brain damages, autoimmune diseases, and deaths.

These parents have reviewed the opinions of many highly-qualified doctors, like Robert Mendelssohn, professor of Pediatrics at the University of Chicago, Meyer Eisenstein of the Homefirst Clinics Group in Chicago, prolific medical author Richard Moskowitz of Boston, Lawrence Palevsky of the Integrated Medicine Clinic in Long Island, and many, many others.

J. Anthony Morris, Ph.D., former Chief Vaccine Control Officer of the FDA, and Dr. Malcolm Kendrick, Center for Evidence-Based Medicine, Oxford University are both highly critical of dangerous flu shots and vaccinology in general.

Hagaon Rav Moshe Feinstein OB”M openly stated that many doctors are Reshoim because they unnecessarily terrorize the public to achieve their agenda. He condemned people who treat doctors as if they were a form of
Avoda Zorah—strange idols. He has also stated, in Igros Moshe,
Orach Chaim-90, that all medications—and especially injections—are risky.

Rabbi Jonathan Rietti agrees: “Many people believe that the letters M.D. stand for “Minor Deity;” others believe that they stand for “Major Deity!”

Here is the revealing testimony of Dr. Thomas Cowan, prominent family doctor of San Francisco, California:

“Children do die from vaccines; the only debate is over how often it happens. To vaccinate a child and then witness them die is not something I could ever live with, which is why I’m grateful to have vaccinated so few children. Nor could I live with watching a child embark on a potentially lifelong struggle with an autoimmune disease or autism following the administration of a vaccine. The medical establishment continues to deny this outcome, but research continues and evidence is mounting.”

The death rate of babies in the United States is 6/1000, double that of other advanced countries, like Japan and Sweden (CIA World Databook.)

The number of vaccines given to young children in the U.S. is approximately double that of advanced countries like Japan and Sweden— 26 compared to only 12 in Japan and Sweden.

Can’t you discern the straight-line relationship between a number of vaccines were given and death rates?

(The death rate of children in Israel is 4/1000—right in between Japan and the U.S., and the number of vaccines is also right in between—18.)

The Menahalim of the yeshivas and the principals of the Bais Yaakovs are not capable of fighting the rogue bureaucrats at the DOH alone. They lack the expertise and the funding. They are easily victimized by manufactured propaganda. Only Aguda has the ability to get to the truth and to leverage the courts to reign-in the rogues and scoundrels at the DOH.

I hope you will listen to those two great Roshei Yeshiva on Your Moetzes
Gedolei Hatorah, Rav Shmuel Kamenetsky, and Rav Aryeh Malkiel Kotler, as you always claim to do, and immediately take action to defend our Yeshivos and Bais Yaakovs against this Blood Libel, before it’s too late to save the hundreds of innocent Jewish children who are now in serious trouble.

A fire is burning our children. The time to act is now!

With great sadness,

Rabbi William Handler, Board Member
MDC/Mothers Defending Children

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