Government control of Jewish Education

The State Education Department has proposed new regulations to control all private schools, including Yeshivas
Agudath Israel
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August 26, 2019,/ Tammuz – Av, 5779

Dear Rabbi Abba Cohen:

With great sadness, I am writing to you about the current situation with the government control of Jewish Education and religious education in general.  I foresaw this situation right after New York State removed religious exemptions to vaccinate.
I represent 60 Jewish families that refuse to vaccinate on religious grounds.  The religious exemptions were taken out in New York, this legislation was proposed sadly by a Jewish Assembly Man (unfortunately) Dinowitz.  All the children were kicked out of the yeshivot, yeshivot wanted to protect themselves from closures.  I saw only one rabbi that came to the meeting with political leaders opposing this dire law.  No other Jewish religious leader or organization cared.  Hashem is not blind,  he will not let any yeshiva in New York to stay open until all the children that were thrown out of Yeshivot return and learn Torah.  Because nothing is as precious to Hashem as children learning Torah.  The main and the most important thing that Agudath Israel and other influential Jewish organization should be doing is to restore religious exemptions and let children back into yeshivot.  I foresee many dire consequences for the whole Klal Israel Hasef Shalom if this is not immediately done.
There are thousands of children that are out there that were thrown out of Yeshivot.  Hashem will NOT stand idly by until the Jewish leaders do something about it immediately.  I mean that you should put all your problems and concerns aside because nothing is so precious to Ha Kadosh Barukhu as children learning Torah as the Holy Zohar says that in the time of Mashiach only children learning Torah will save us. 
Your message bellow should also address Religious Exemptions from Forced Vaccinations, that is granted to American citizens by the Constitution of the United States of America.


The State Education Department has proposed new regulations to control all private schools, including Yeshivas.

While this effort was thrown out by the NYS Supreme Court following lawsuits brought by Agudath Israel, PEARLS, and Torah Umesorah this past April, this is another attempt.
This time, the law requires a comment period for citizens to weigh in.

These regulations are similar to the previous Guidelines: dictating about a dozen secular subjects our Yeshivas must teach, for how long (4-5 hrs./day), and will give local public school districts the authority to approve or shut down our schools.

Results, grades, competencies, graduation rates, or other factors regarding equivalency to public schools are not taken into account for these purposes.

The proposed regulations are opposed by the vast majority of private schools and parents across the state.”

May Hashem bless your efforts,
Reuven Cohen
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