What the Zohar says About the End of Days?

By Jews for Torah / September 19, 2021
What the Zohar says About the End of Days

What the Zohar says About the End of Days just before Moshiach (the Messiah) arrives. Study Zohar, do not listen to anyone!!! “At the end of days, according to the hour of the day, at the time when the sun will rise and shine from the 6th day, which is the 6000, in the hour that it will be made ready and take place according to a counting of years, which will be shemittah and yovel together, in 1year, which is 274 years from the 6000.” “So in the future, a voice will be awakened from the highest heights of the firmament, a sad and bitter voice, something that has never been since the worlds were created.” “At this hour, multiple woes will be awoken upon the Holy People, one after another, with tremendous pressure, and they will cry outcries, one after another, and spill many tears. And they will awaken the Shechina, and then she will proclaim her voice in weeping, about the suffering of her children.” “[M]ultiple woes will be awoken upon the Holy People, one after another, with tremendous pressure, and they will cry outcries, one after another, and spill many tears.” “And then, all the peoples of the world will be mixed-up and confused. One people will fight another, and nations will fight nations.” “AND A PERSON WHO IS NOT SUITABLE TO BE KING, IT WILL BE GIVEN TO HIM THAT HE SHOULD RULE.” “And strange/foreign people will come with him, [with] a foreign manner of speaking, and the din (law) is not known to them, and who don’t know the laws of the land.” “And how many wars, will they think to make! “And in the midst of soft words and sweet talk, his ratzon (desire) will be done, and he will rule, and he will think of many thoughts, to do evil. And the evil legislation will be made especially upon Am Yisrael, apart from all of the other nations. “Then, there will be suffering upon suffering for those special people, set apart from the rest of the nations.” “And this same king, who rules with sweet talk, will govern with great anger, and with rage and with force, against the holy people.” “And in the 3d month, in the month of Sivan, on the 4th of the days of the month, at 9 1/2 hours, all of the sons of the yeshiva will go with the Shechina to the grave of the faithful Shepherd, who is Moshe Rabbenu, as it’s written: “he is a faithful servant in all of my home”. And she will give 3 blasts against the grave, in the hour when the sun will be gathered in and will be turned from the world.” “[I]N THE HOUR WHEN THE SUN WILL BE GATHERED IN AND WILL BE TURNED FROM THE WORLD.” “[T]HEN MOSHIACH WILL BE AWAKENED ON THAT NIGHT, AND HE WILL BE FOUND THERE, WITH THEM.” “[I]S A HIDDEN AND CONCEALED SHOFAR, AND IT DOESN’T TRAVEL IN A REVEALED WAY.” “But, in the Northern Land and in the Yemenite government, how many hardships will be awoken upon Am Yisrael, on that same day. But their prayers will be accepted b’ratzon (favorably) when they will pray about their suffering. And so in the night of that same day, the Shechina will return to her home, and the Moshiach to his place and the Patriarchs will return to their me’arah (cave).” “At the end of 70 days, the cries of the Children of Israel that there will be from all the suffering [they are experiencing] from the four directions of the world, will ascend before the Holy King. And a group on the Southside will be lost and destroyed, and five true Tzaddikim will be killed amongst them.” “And then at the end of 32 days after this same group is killed, HaKadosh Baruch Hu will dress Himself in jealousy for this same small shofar, which is the Shechina.” “[T]his same Moshiach ben Ephraim will spread out … and will fight the wars of Hashem, and will gore the nations like an ox.” “[T]he flags of this Moshiach will go forth, and an awful noise will fall upon the land, by way of the sound of the shofar. And all the children of the nations will hear and will be feared…” “The idols will be [destroyed/removed/burned] from the holy land and three wars will be made by the children of Yishmael with this Moshiach.” “And they will come and bow down to the Master of the World on the holy mountain in Jerusalem. These wars will take place in the six thousandths, on the 16th day of the seventh month of the 59th year of the 6000th – will be all these wars.” “In the month of Cheshvan the haters of Israel will fall and all those idols that remain in the holy land there will be [destroyed]. And from there will go out and awaken wars in the world, and whilst they are making wars in the world, the people of Edom will gather against Israel and seize it and will rule over it for 12 m.” “At the end of the 12 mo, the entire world will shake and will be filled with noise, and between these times the Shechina will go and return to the cave of Moshe. Moshiach will be hidden for 9 months, much suffering and [destruction] he will take upon himself to atone for Am Yisrael.”

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