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Why You Must Learn Zohar A Shocking Information That Will Save Your Life In The End Of Times!!!

By Jews for Torah / September 19, 2021

Why You Must Learn Zohar A Shocking Information That Will Save Your Life At The End Of Times!!! The importance of learning Zohar ONE HOUR OF THE STUDY OF ZOHAR IS THE EQUIVALENT OF THIRTY DAYS OF THE STUDY OF THE PLAIN MEANING OF TORAH Our Holy Master Rabbi Chayim Vital, may his merit shield us, in the introduction to the book Etz Chayim, warned the students of the Torah, those who listen to the Word of G-d, the great obligation they have to study the hidden Torah [Kabbalah], and the great punishment for neglecting its study, because one hour of this study does the same as thirty days of the study of Pshat (plain meaning of the Torah) (Kise Melech on Tikune Zohar 30, 73b) On 13th minute what Lubavitcher rebbe wrote to the rabbis in Israel on importance of Zohar study. On 18th minute about the importance of Zohar study, just don’t fall off your chairs Woe to those who don’t put their hearts to it, and close their eyes so that they don’t look into the secrets of the Torah (Zohar 1, 28a) WOE TO FOOLS WHO REGARD THE TORAH AS A MERE BOOK OF TALES Said R. Shimon Bar Yochai: ‘Woe to the man who regards the Torah as a book of mere tales and everyday matters. If that were so, even we could compose a Torah dealing with everyday affairs, and of even greater excellence. And even the princes of the world possess books of greater worth which we could use as a model for composing such Torah. The Torah, however, contains in all its words supernal truths and sublime mysteries. THE TORAH NEEDED TO WEAR GARMENTS IN ORDER TO DESCEND TO THIS WORLD Observe the perfect balancing of the upper and the lower worlds. Israel here below is balanced by the angels on high, of whom it says: “who makes your angels into winds” (Ps. 104, 4). For the angels in descending on earth put on themselves earthly garments, as otherwise, they could not stay in this world, nor could the world endure them. Now, if thus it is with the angels, how much more so must it be with the Torah-the Torah that created them, that created all the worlds and is the means by which these are sustained. Thus had the Torah not clothed herself in garments of this world the world could not endure it. The stories of the Torah are thus only her outer garments, and whoever looks upon that garment as being the Torah itself, woe to that man–such a one will have no portion in the next world. David thus said: “Open my eyes, that I may behold wondrous things out of your Torah” (Ps. 119, 18), meaning, the things that are beneath the garment. Observe this. SENSELESS PEOPLE LOOK ONLY AT THE GARMENTS BUT THE WISE LOOK INTO THE SOUL OF THE TORAH The garments worn by a man are the most visible part of him, and senseless people looking at the man do not seem to see more in him than the garments. Similarly, the Torah has a body made up of the precepts of the Torah, called GUFE TORAH (bodies, main principles of the Torah), and that body is enveloped in garments made up of worldly narrations. The senseless people only see the garment, the mere narrations; those who are somewhat wiser penetrate as far as the body. But the really wise, the servants of the most high King, those who stood on Mount Sinai, penetrate right through to the soul, the root principle of all, namely, to the real Torah. ZOHAR HA KADOSH BEHAALOTECHA 152A IN THE FUTURE THE WISE WILL LEARN THE SECRETS OF THE TORAH In the future the same is destined to penetrate even to the super- soul (soul of the soul) of the Torah. Observe that in a similar way in the supernal world there is garment, body, soul, and super-soul. The heavens and their hosts are the outer garments, the Community of Israel is the body which receives the soul, to wit, the “Glory of Israel”; and the super-soul is the Ancient Holy One. All these are interlocked within each other. Woe to the sinners who consider the Torah as mere worldly tales, who only see its outer garment; happy are righteous who fix their gaze on the Torah proper. Wine cannot be kept save in a jar; so the Torah needs an outer garment. These are the stories and narratives, but it is incumbent upon us to penetrate beneath them. (The Holy Zohar Behaalotecha, 152b) 1) The language of the Zohar awakens the person in great measure to the service of the Blessed Creator (Sichot ha Ran 108) THE LANGUAGE OF THE ZOHAR PURIFIES THE SOUL 2) One who does not merit to understand The Zohar, he should nevertheless learn, because the language of the Zohar purifies the soul (Ohr Tzaddikim by Rav Meir Papirash a student of the Ari ha Kadosh, siman A, 16) 3) One who occupies himself with the study of the Zohar brings closer the redemption and brings great pleasure to the Holy One Blessed Be He (Mikdash Melech to the Tikune Zohar) Tikkunim can be found here FREE http://jewsfortorah.org/tikunei-zohar… Complete tikkunim can be found here FREE http://jewsfortorah.org/tikkune-zohar… http://jewsfortorah.org/tikkune-zohar…

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